Deep in the forest, high up in the mountains of New Guinea, a huge bird strides confidently through the undergrowth.

Foraging here and there for seeds and fruit and insects, the cassowary is the queen of the forest, the biggest creature in this ecosystem. She doesn’t need to fly —…

Jim O’Gorman is a New Zealander whose life’s work is aimed at solving some of the big problems of our times: topsoil loss and land degradation.

Jim, who’s been dubbed “the Dirt Doctor”, grows superb vegetables and researches soil care and remediation. His research lab is a tiny 0.57 …

Imagine making music and singing with your family and friends at Christmas.

With ukuleles. (Of course!) I think ukuleles and Christmas go together wonderfully well.

Even if you’re a beginner ukulele player, you can play Christmas carols.

Going to big carol singing events is great. But having live music in your living room or on your porch is wonderful and special. It…

Alice Bulmer

Musician, food activist, ukulele teacher in the heart of New Zealand.

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