Living with Alice in Wonderland

Alice is a name with some epic resonances.

Pepperland meets Wonderland: jamming with “Alice” (Lois and Steve’s granddaughter, Georgia) at the Wonderland party.

Alice was an unusual name for my generation.

Like my namesake, I was always changing size.

I was named after four Alices.

My great-great aunt, Alice Hughes of Anglesea.
Above: My mother, Susie Hirsh, was bridesmaid to her friend Alice Largent in 1955.
Above: I think this is a photo of Sue with her friend Alice in Hawaii in the mid-1950s.

Cheshire cats and tea parties

Random events

Taking up too much space

My tattered copy of Alice in Wonderland, flanked by Alice-themed diaries created by my friend Anna Fairley.

Queens and croquet

Alice in the digital age

Underworld story

The meanings of Alice

Stop making sense



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